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Seed Balls at Digg

Giving it a try

I've never used RSS feed. I suppose that puts me way behind the times. I've put my feed up on DIgg. You can see it here: Seed-balls feed. 

Posted on 10/29/13 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

State College Weblab

My new web design & development site
The new web design features HTML5 and CSS3 animations and effects.

I'm very excited about this design. I used HTML5, and CSS3 to do some animate some Victorian era drawings creating a stylistic  mash up of quaint home-town and SteamPunk for this site. I want so badly to reah the local market and most of the other developers in the State College area have very generic and corporate looking sites. Not certain who they are appealing to, maybe only big jobs, but I like working with the quick smaller gigs so that I can be creative designs and support the underdogs of the business world.

Check it out. With the animations, IE kind of flops, Chrome and Safari do great, and Firefox will do fine if your cache isn't too full. 

Posted on 03/31/13 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

My Blog in Norwegian

My first WordPress excursion

Here's my first effort using wordPress. I hope the Expression Engine and MojoMotor gods don't strike me down for saying that I am much impressed. The blog is bilingual (English-Norwegian). I use it to blog about my efforts to learn the Norwegian language. It's evolving into a kind of diary in proto norsk.

I use a number of plugins on the site and the theme is pretty much an unaltered version of Neuro. I did tweak the php so that the big gallery-banner only shows up on the home page since it takes up so much real estate.

Posted on 06/19/12 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

India Pavilion

New website for a State College Restaurant
Website of India Pavilion, State College, PA

This site was built  with a lot of design contributions from the business' manager, who had some great ideas coming into the project. It's an example of how beneficial collaboration on projects can be. The site included html5, css3 and some javaScript.

Posted on 12/07/11 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

My new web development portfolio site

Showcasing all my digital efforts
Check out my new Web Portfolio site.

Finally! I took the time to put it under one url. Please check out my new site: I develioed the site using HTML5 and css3. I sprinkled in a little javascript.

Posted on 08/10/11 _________________________________________________________________________________________________


A quick site with a new CMS
A site that I developed in MojoMotor

I use a CMS called Expression Engine regularly. It's quite powerful and can be overkill for many smaller sites.  My mom is a writer and  needed a site to showcase her work that she could edit on her own. The best part of MojoMotor is to edit  content, it's just three steps:

  1. login
  2. click on your text
  3. edit and save.

There are some simple formatting options like headers, lists, links, and block quotes. It's just right for most small sites. I can think of quite so many jobs that I would have developed in MM had I known about it, although I guess it hasn't been around all that long. Check it out here: MojoMotor.

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The Crucible

An Interdisciplinary Web-Hub at Penn State
Modified Screenshot of a mesh by Sashah Chrysler,
a Penn State Student. It's featured on the
homepage of the Crucible.

I am excited about this site. I have a vision of having a cooperative web environment where artists, writers, scientists, engineers etc bring out the best in each other. The Crucible will have a lot of dynamic content, a forum, and feature interdisciplinary activities at Penn State University. I hope to have it all zipped uo and open in the Fall 2011.

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