Art: Animation

State College Weblab

My new web design & development site
The new web design features HTML5 and CSS3 animations and effects.

I'm very excited about this design. I used HTML5, and CSS3 to do some animate some Victorian era drawings creating a stylistic  mash up of quaint home-town and SteamPunk for this site. I want so badly to reah the local market and most of the other developers in the State College area have very generic and corporate looking sites. Not certain who they are appealing to, maybe only big jobs, but I like working with the quick smaller gigs so that I can be creative designs and support the underdogs of the business world.

Check it out. With the animations, IE kind of flops, Chrome and Safari do great, and Firefox will do fine if your cache isn't too full. 

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My new web development portfolio site

Showcasing all my digital efforts
Check out my new Web Portfolio site.

Finally! I took the time to put it under one url. Please check out my new site: I develioed the site using HTML5 and css3. I sprinkled in a little javascript.

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