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A quick site with a new CMS
A site that I developed in MojoMotor

I use a CMS called Expression Engine regularly. It's quite powerful and can be overkill for many smaller sites.  My mom is a writer and  needed a site to showcase her work that she could edit on her own. The best part of MojoMotor is to edit  content, it's just three steps:

  1. login
  2. click on your text
  3. edit and save.

There are some simple formatting options like headers, lists, links, and block quotes. It's just right for most small sites. I can think of quite so many jobs that I would have developed in MM had I known about it, although I guess it hasn't been around all that long. Check it out here: MojoMotor.

Posted on 08/10/11 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Crucible

An Interdisciplinary Web-Hub at Penn State
Modified Screenshot of a mesh by Sashah Chrysler,
a Penn State Student. It's featured on the
homepage of the Crucible.

I am excited about this site. I have a vision of having a cooperative web environment where artists, writers, scientists, engineers etc bring out the best in each other. The Crucible will have a lot of dynamic content, a forum, and feature interdisciplinary activities at Penn State University. I hope to have it all zipped uo and open in the Fall 2011.

Posted on 06/15/11 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sculpture Portfolio Site

Goal: A clean dignified portfolio
Portrait of Pastor Julius Rambo,
Sunshine Babtist Church, Kansas City, MO

After toying with larger more informative designs, I opted for a simple web portfolio site. I did add paypal links for some of my sculptures for sale by edition, Seems kind of tacky and I may remove them. Overall, I think this is a successful web portfolio.

Posted on 06/15/11 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

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