Techniques: Armatures

Armature plan for 7-1/2 head proportions of a human adult

A rather average set of proportions that is a good starting point for an armature.
7.5-head Armaure

The thumbnail will take you to a printable pdf of an armature plan based on adult male and female proportions that are representational of a typical average adult. An armature built with these proportions is shown, far right. Note that the circle atop the armature is not the head; it is the calvarium (brain case), and represents the upper half of the head. The spine meets the head above the chin, and so the cervical vertebrae reach higher than the bottom of the head. This is sometimes a question if you haven't built a precision armature before.

The armature plan is for your typical person. I did find this great armature on the web (near right). You can take the basic plan and vary it according to your needs. You can tell how much this armature will help guide the sculptor to a life-like and fully in-the-round gesture.

Armature Drawing

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