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βορβορυγμός or Borborygmus  

Scientific name for stomach grumblings

Here's a word that needs to be used once weekly. It is lifted from the greek, and the plural is borborygmi. I do believe this will be the next confusing and degrading insult I will use when given the opportunity.

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It's what moose, lighting bugs, and woodcock have in common.
The capybara shares crepuscular habits with
fireflies, wombats, platypi, and red pandas.

Crepuscular is not one of those words that sounds like what it is. It simply means active during twilight of dawn or dusk. Matutinal crespucular organisms are active at dawn, whereas verspertine crespucular organisms are active at dusk.

The first known use of "crepuscular" was in 1668, according to Merriam-Webster online. "Crepusculum" means twilight in Latin.

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A pile of clowns or particle physics?
Computer simulation of the production of a
Higgs Boson. Note the bilaterally symetrical orange
rays and blue ruffle in both the clown and the
modeled particle.

Bosons are force-carrying subatomic particles. Bosons associated with electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces have been observed. The graviton has not been observed and recently experimental physicists at Fermilab suspect that they may have evidence of the Higgs boson, the presence of which helps iron out some inconsistencies in contemporary physics.

Bosons can occupy the same quantum state (kind of like place)  and form composites with different combined properties. Some of these composites behave like bosons, others do not.  "Bosonic-composite" is the preferred term for clusters of bosons. Some bosonic-composites are mesons and He4 atoms.

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