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Expression Engine  

A Tremendous Content Management System
Content Management System

I learned to use Expression Engine for one of my day jobs. It wasn't long before I decided to make the transition for my own pages. EE, as it has come be called in the field, enables relatively easy coding for blog-type sites like this one. The great thing about it is that the html and css are COMPLETELY up to you (so you need to know html and csss). I have made three science-oriented sites with it that have very formal but deep navigational structures. This site, on the other hand has a simple structure and is more focused on graphics.

EE requires that you learn it's logic of channels and categories, and there is a system of tags, too. Learning all this is well worth the effort as it makes building rather complex content structures much easier than other systems with significantly more visual versatility than Drupal, Plone, and such.

EE is supported by a very active and helpful forum. I usually get an answer that works within 5-6 hours.

The cost varies depending on your application and ranges from $99 to $300. EE also has a 'kid-sister" called MoJoMotor, which is touted as a very user-friendly CMS. I have not used this yet.

Here's the EE link:
Here's the link to MojoMotor:

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It's a sad day.

My Government's Senate no longer supports public radio. I made a donation and will make more. Support your local NPR station.

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Blender is a FREE open-sourced software program for making 3D digital animation is a community of artists and software engineers who use and develop one amazing software package. Whether you are interested in digital animation, games, or making 3D models, Blender can help you. It can be complicated to use, but that's because it is so versatile. I recommend the website, too because it is full of helpful tutorials and examples. There is another forum for helping with Blender use, The p.rogram can be downloaded from Make certain that you get the newer version, 2.5 or greater. Blender is as powerful as similar software programs like Z-brush and Maya, but it is entirely free. It also runs on mac and PC. My biggest tip is to learn the keyboard shortcuts. I have made summary sheets of the keyboard and mouse shortcuts that you can download ShortCuts.pdf . Above is a mesh that I built from the ground up using Blender.

I also have some free blender lessons that introduce the the complicated program in small steps, suitable for teens or methodical adults.

Blender 2.5 Keyboard Shortcuts

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The Brights  

Illuminating and elevating the naturalistic worldview

The Brights are an organization that promotes the idea that all truths are derived from a universe that follows natural principle. The Brights include folks like you and me, but also an impressive listing of brilliant and controversial individuals like Richard Dawkins, Penn & Teller, Leo Igwe and Daniel Dennett to name only a few. If you're having difficulties coming to terms with theology, you're not alone. Check out The Brights.

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