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Winifred Atwell  

Pianist and Personality
Winifred Atwell at
her upright piano.

Born Una Winifred Atwell in 1910 or 1914 in Trinidad and Tobago, she showed much promise in her early years. She was challenged to perform Boogie-Woogie by American Servicemen according to the Wikipedia.

In the 1946 she was inducted in to the Royal Academy of Music, being the first woman to be awarded the highest marks for musicianship.

She developed her own style of Honky-Tonk piano, preferring her familiar slightly out-of tune upright to concert grands.

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Solifluction in Urban Japan after the 2011 Earthquake  

A plaza built on reclaimed sea sediments settles after the earthquake.

Here's an amateur video of the results of settling sediments beneath a plaza in Japan. The earthquake jarred the saturated soil beneath the plaza, which led to the cracks and water and mud rising to the surface. Two things strike me:

  1. The rapidity with which the water seeps above the pavement.
  2. The absolute calm of the people in the area. If the earth opened up and urped muck in NYC, nothing less than pandemonium would ensue.

It amazes me how cultural differences can affect not only the behavior of the individual, but also crowd rection in sudden and potential dangerous circumstances.

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Gerald Self, Harpsichord Maker  

Custom built Harpsichords and also a radio show about harpsichord music
Flemish Single Harpsichord
by Gerald Self.

When in negotiations to purchase a harpsichord kit from Gerald Self, it rapidly became apparent that Mr. Self knows not only about building instruments, but also about the music that they make. He works with materials and parts from of Marc Ducornet and The Paris Workshop. He imports kits, and also sells finished instruments. If you have any questions about harpsichords of are thinking about building one, an adventure I strongly recommend, Gerald can get you set off in the right direction.

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