Recommendations: for Kids

53 Paper. World’s coolest iPad drawing app  

Drawn with 53's iPad app, Paper

This app is intuititive, simple, and powerful. Get it. 

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Frog Balls Juggling Bean Bags  

Fabulous handmade juggling bags that you can customise!

Okay, I'm a little biased. Frog Balls is a new business venture my son and I are working on. You can check out the website here. Be sure to try out the nice javascript app where you can design your own juggling balls.

Posted on 08/20/12 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stunning Molecular Biology Animations  

Brining Science to the people in an understandable way.

This is great stuff. It makes science more accessible to people. It's one of the most  important callings for an artist today.

Posted on 04/14/11 _________________________________________________________________________________________________


Traditional Animation software

Pencil is a remarkably simple FREE program that you use to create classic flip-book type animation. It has easy to use brush and color tools and a simple time-line tool. It's a tool to introduce anyone to digital time-based media. Simple enough for elementary school kids to use with some guidance, it is also used in college film programs.

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