Recommendations: Film

Stunning Molecular Biology Animations  

Brining Science to the people in an understandable way.

This is great stuff. It makes science more accessible to people. It's one of the most  important callings for an artist today.

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No. 4 Street of Our Lady  

A documentay film about a woman's heroic efforts to save two families

Based on the diary of one of the survivors and featuring personal accounts of many of the survivors living today, this documentary showcases how one individual, Francisca Halamajowa, and two families with insurmountable will power endured World War II. The film has won many awards at competition and is beautifully filmed and structured. The film left me with a feeling that I can and should do things to change the world. Go to the website.

If you happen to notice the maps in the film, I helped out with these. They are a combination of inkwash and digital manipulation.

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