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Jazz Trumpet Transcriptions

Many transcriptions from many artists
Freddie Hubbard

Jeff Helgesson has put a wide variety of jazz Trumpet transcriptions in PDF form on his blog. These are very cleanly arranged, readable transcriptions. (general)

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Blues Scales for Trumpet

And other instruments with a similar range
Similar layout to the Blues Scale pages.
Link on right.


12 Blues Scales ascending and descending.

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Major Scales for Trumpet

A printable PDF of 12 Major scales arranged for trumpet.
The first several scales of the PDF.

Your teacher will love you if you practice these!

12 Major Scales arr. for Trumpet

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Options for the Superhero in your kid’s fiction

More creative solutions than slaying the enemy.
Chart of Superhero options

I happen to know a kid that loves to write about super heros and science fiction. Perhaps because of the inevitable media exposure, he has a one track mind in his writing: the superhero slays the supervillain.  I made this chart to help him find other more interesting options for the heros in his fiction. I tried to include options that add depth to characters, can lead the young writer to more interesting plots, and also show weakness in the super-characters.

Superhero Choices

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