Muscular Anatomy of the Face

There are quite a few anatomy resources on the web, but not a lot that combine clear illustrations with pictures of the muscles in action. With the help of a patient model and a fine illustrator, I hope this resource helps clarify how the face can make so many expressions.

You will also find a link to my Craniometric Landmarks web app which is a part of my online forensic sculpture class.


The Procerus is a small muscle that originates at the bridge of the nose that inserts in the skin between our eyebrows. It leads to the vertical wrinkles between the eyes seen when people express anger. The young man in the pictures is using several muscles in addition to the procerus in his expression including the Orbicularis occuli, Levator labii muscles, the Nasalis, and the Corrugators.

Anatomical Drawing by Daniel Maidman. Courtesy of the artist.
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