About Blake

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Dr. Blake Ketchum

I work occasionally as a research scientist, I do web design and development, I teach online classes in the arts and sciences, I develop educational materials about Paleontology and Climate Change, and I am a traditional figurative sculptor. Most of my recent endeavors have in some way put my skills to use in education, helping spread understanding about the environment and the connectedness and fragility of life. More details about my professional career(s) can be found in my CV, on the left.

The two most important purposes of this website are (1) to share my interests with you, and (2) to shed light on how, in practice, science and art are two sides of the same coin. The world would be a better place if scientists used more effective communication tools to convey their work to the public and if the general public were more receptive to the value and validity of factual knowledge. The Arts' role in this can be through its unique ability to communicate complex and moving facts and ideas with great efficacy.

If you've come here to find my portrait site, visit here: http://portraitbust.com
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